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Continuing Education Class Information Guide

Pricing Strategies for the 21st Century - 3.5 hours

A study of sellers’ needs, buyer’s behavior and market conditions prepares licensees to properly consult with sellers regarding the position a home holds in a marketplace. The course also addresses the value-added strategy ensuring that sales associates are trained to service the seller with the highest level of professionalism.

Creating Value for the New Customer  - 3.5 hours

 Participants will leave this session with an understanding of how consumer’s tastes and preferences have changed in the new economy, and how they can create a compelling value propositions for consumers in the real estate market.  Additionally, they will understand where to find and how to use statistics for the benefit of the consumers with whom they deal.

Is That Your Final Answer? A Negotiating Seminar - 3.5 hours

A negotiating course that offers strategies where both sides win, this how-to workshop gives the real estate associate a clear understanding of how to limit frustration, remove objections and close the deal.

House Architectural Styles & Detail Techniques for Objective Marketing Workshop - 3.5 hours

An pictorial overview of the architectural styles and details that comprise the variety of house styles, this interactive course focuses on how to market to the target audiences.

As We Live and Breathe, Dealing with Radon Asbestos, Lead & Mold - 3.5 hours

This course provides an overview of the issues real estate agents face when listing and selling houses with environmental hazards.  Helpful information is provided on how to seek lawful solutions.

Negotiating with a Purpose and a Plan - 3.5 hours

Learn the power of negotiating by skillfully reading the consumers’ verbal and nonverbal signals, the ways tenacity is different than being pushy, and the major roadblocks to becoming a confident and competent negotiator.

Reducing and Managing Risk through Client Education - 3.5 hours

Through a discussion of “case studies”, this course examines the components to manage risk while educating the client.  Reviews the importance of a paper trail and outlines  common errors of misrepresentation.

Architectural Styles and Designs: Ranch Revival - 3.5 hours

The ranch-style house and its distinguishing characteristics are experiencing a renewed interest among housing sales.  This course covers the history of ranch-style houses through photographs and focuses on strategies for marketing and selling the ranch style house.

Create Clients for Life through a Client-Focused System for Listings - 3.5 hours

Participants discover how the client has changed, how sales associates are changing their strategies to meet the needs of today’s demanding, sophisticated seller and how to customize the approach to be client-based, not agent-based.  Learn the skills to list more properties successfully, save money and time, and create clients for life.

Eight New Rules of Real Estate - 3.5 hours

The evolution of information in real estate has made the business global and expanded the list of competencies that real estate associates need to develop to remain ahead of the competition. Learn the eight new rules that govern business in this consumer-centric environment and how to live with them.

Ethics and Real Estate - 3.5 hours

More and more, the real estate professional is confronted with complex ethical issues.  This course provides the background basics for making those right and ethical choices.

Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges - 3 hours

This course defines and explains the terms, laws, conditions and choices necessary for sales associates to understand and to use the 1031 tax-free exchanges.

Servicing the Online Customer - 3.5 hours

The online customer has expectations that include urgency as part of the added value.  This course covers the important issues to be addressed when dealing with the internet user.


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