Is there a specific sequence in which the classes must be taken?
No.  Fundamentals and practice can be taken in any order.  However, both sections must be completed to be eligible to take the state license exam.

May I pay for each section separately?
Yes.  However, the first payment will also include the price of the textbook.  Full payment must be received before the official transcript will be issued.

What happens if I miss a pre-licensing class?
If a student misses a class, the instructor will work with you to cover the class material.  The student is required to attend 80% of the classes to receive credit for the course.

How soon after I complete the classes am I able to take the state exam?
After you successfully complete both pre-license sections, you receive an official transcript. Mail an original copy of the transcript with your application to PSI to receive approval to take the state real estate exam.

Who is PSI?
PSI is the agency that processes exam applications for the state, schedules exam candidates, and proctors exams at the different locations throughout the state.  For additional information, access their website at: www.psiexams.com

How soon will I know the exam results?
The short answer is immediately.  You will take the exam on a computer at a specific testing site.  When you finish answering the questions and push the enter key, the results appear on the screen.