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Obtaining a real estate license in Pennsylvania requires 75 hours of classroom instruction. These hours are divided into two classes - Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice

Real Estate Fundamentals

This 30 hour class offers a comprehensive overview of the technical and legal aspects of real estate. Topics covered include rights and interest in land, how ownership is held, transfer of rights and interests, contract law, mortgages, fair housing laws and state licensing laws.

Real Estate Practice

This 45 hour class is designed to provide the student with an introduction to all facets of the real estate business, with emphasis on residential brokerage activities. Topics covered include agency, brokerage, listing contracts, sales agreements, residential finance techniques, appraisal, closings and real estate math.

After successful completion of these classes, the student applies for the State Real Estate Exam. The 4 1/2 hours exam is given at various locations throughout the state. 

After passing the State exam, the student then chooses a real estate broker to activate the license.

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